WAIT!!! Let me show you...

"How You Can Easily Create A Torrential Flood Of Buyers, Make More Sales And Exponentially Increase Profit In Your Business... 100% GUARANTEED!"

With the secret marketing method you will discover shortly, you will NEVER  have to be bothered by NOT making enough sales... the competition that exists in your niche... OR... ever have to compete on price again... and it doesn't matter what your product is or the market you sell in.

Make no mistakes, these exact marketing secrets I'm about to reveal to you has help me and my clients generate tens of millions in sales from our different businesses and products.

Just so you know how powerful this thing is (here are a few testimonials)...

Victor James

Weight-Loss Expert& Founder, ProNutrition

I'm glad I met Obinna Okeke few months after my NYSC.

At the time, I was struggling to make up to N150,000 monthly in my weight-loss business.

But since then he has helped me take my fledgling business from struggling to make N150,000 monthly to consistently making over N250,000 weekly.

Nneamaka Nwankwo

CEO, Nekkie Fashions

The first time I applied the unique  marketing strategies he shared with me in my fashion business, I made over N120,000 extra in the first month.

That's a new revenue flow in my business that I never knew existed until Obinna pointed me to it.

Gabriel Komolafe

Professional Network Marketer

Obinna Okeke is a top guy. And a marketing authority.

I recommend all his products. He is simply phenomenal.

And It doesn't even end there!

 Another of my client made over N1.5million naira from just one product in his e-commerce business in less than 90 days by just applying one of the fail-proof marketing secrets you're about to discover.

I could go on and on and on with testimonials from my clients and marketing students, but that to me would be a massive waste of your time (because there is a whole lot more to be shared)...

I only decided to share these few so you can know how powerful what you're about to discover is.

You see, businesses fail because of three (3) basic reasons:

  1. Not knowing how to consistently generate massive inflow of prospects (interested buyers) for their product
  2. Not knowing how to convert these prospects to confirmed buyers (and repeat buyers)
  3. Not knowing how to increase the "Profit Value" of an existing customer

And chances are...

Right now, you are struggling with getting customers and clients for your products and services... It might even be you know how to get them, BUT they are NOT buying from you (which means you cannot convert them into buyers, much less making them buy more and more of your products).

Well, if any of these (or ALL) is your current challenge, then you are at the right place. At the right time.

Simply put, you're already on the right path to fixing it.

You only have to start immediately to apply the secret marketing method I'm about to share with you.

Remember, it doesn't matter what product you sell (supplements, gadgets, land properties, bags, shoes, books, high-ticket coaching programs); OR what your business is (whether you're into network marketing, real estate, e-commerce, coaching and consulting).

...AND you will also blow your competitors out of the water (because most of them don't know what you know now).

Oh!!! Let me quickly introduce myself...

My name is Obinna Okeke.

I used to be a secondary school teacher earning N20,000/month.

As you already know, no one can have a good life living on just a N20,000 salary.

At some point I had to quit my teaching job. I left Enugu which was the city I was living in at the time, and relocated to Lagos.

At the time I was broke (just a couple of thousand naira in my account) ...and this literally forced me to think outside-the-box. As the saying goes:

"Desperate times call for desperate measures"

I later started my first real business (an e-commerce business from my uncle's motor-parts shop, somewhere in Trade Fair market, Lagos).

In a few short months, I grew my business from "zero to 7-figures" selling physical products online.

And then I was able to get an office and employed 2 other persons to help me run my business.

What I did was NOT magic. I ONLY figured out three things:

  • How to attract crazy loads of interested buyers for my product
  • How to convert these prospects into real buyers... and then,
  • How to get them buy more and more of my products.

Here is the good part...

What I did was dead simple that you can easily "replicate  and apply it" to your own business ...RIGHT AWAY!

How did I know this?

FIRST I documented every step, every process I used to generate torrential downpour of buyers for my products.

THEN I went out (just to prove this can work in any market, selling any product), and have helped other business owners like you get insane results in their businesses; selling crazy loads of their products.

I have worked with clients in different industries; real estate, network marketing, health, fashion, catering, coaching and consulting.

These customer-acquisition, sales-pulling, profit-multiplying marketing strategies work across every industry... GUARANTEED!

You DON'T have to ever worry again about getting enough buyers for your products or services ...(from now on you'll have MORE customers and clients than you can handle)

This secret marketing method, which has been responsible for generating tens of millions in product sales for me and my clients, has earned me rave reviews from some of the finest marketing experts (the who's who) in the country ...AND from industry peers...

Ronald Nzimora

Marketing Consultant & Founder, Digital Nexus Interactive

Obinna Okeke is a rising star

Emeka Nobis

Business Coach & Thought Leader

This is one dude I know will dominate the digital marketing space in a few years.

Need copywriting services that will be compelling to rake in millions into your business? Hire him today!

I trust him totally.

Adedeji Yusuf

E-Commerce Expert & CEO, NetKing Marketing

I see you as the "King of Addictive Markerting."

Ike Okolie

Sales Funnel Expert & Founder, Digital Promotion Academy

Do you want to make incredible sales for your products and services?

Okeke Obinna is your go-to guy.

Courage Ngele

CEO, Wine House Nigeria

Obinna Okeke is a seasoned marketing expert...

Reach out to him if you want to create a unique marketing angle that would help you sell your product fast and without stress.

Now here is what I have done for you...

I have taken my time to compile ALL my secret marketing strategies and tactics (nothing left out) into a simple, easy-to-read e-book... so you just "adopt and apply" them in your own business - selling your own products.


Here is a little sneak peek of what you'll discover in the book...

  • How to use the “Lord’s Strategy” to position yourself as the #1 authority in your market so they NEVER have to look anywhere else (this one strategy will literally get your competitors throw in the towel in total surrender) …How? Find out in the book
  • The “7-Key Questions” you MUST ask before ever thinking of selling your product (your sales success depends on these powerful questions… get it wrong and watch your business get swallowed up in the deep red sea of competition)
  • The single, best hook that is GUARANTEED to flood your business with “on-heat” buyers who will roll over themselves to buy your product (Do you want more customers and clients than you can handle? Then use this one hook)
  • How to create your #1 ASSET in business (with this alone you will NEVER go a day again without making sales. PERIOD!)
  • The EXACT places to find the best paying customers and “rabid  buyers” in your marketplace (most of your competitors are NOT looking in these places... and now is the best time to gain this one advantage over them)

WAIT! We are only getting started... I'll also show you...

  • The little known psychology behind creating a perfect lead generator that attracts a torrential of itchy-to-buy customers (ONLY the top 1% marketers know this... and they use it everyday in their business to attract only customers and clients with deep pockets filled with money to buy)
  • A new, fresh and engaging way to communicate to your ideal prospects to get them INSTANTLY emotionally connected to your brand (Did they tell you it’s hard to gain the trust, goodwill and loyalty of your audience? Well not when you do this!)
  • How to turn a weak, low-performing marketing campaign into a crazy, cash-pulling one (men of the underworld understand this tiny little, persuasion trick more than any other person in the whole world! Find out what out what it is... in the book)
  • The short journey you MUST take your prospects on before they can trust you enough to do business with you... DON'T be like the poor guy who goes for sex on the first on the first date... you'll just land yourself a slap (an equivalent of the prospect never buying from you) Heck! you might just be making this mistake now.
  • How to churn out a highly-persuasive virtual salesman that will work 24/7 to make sure you convert leads into buying customers (if you are not doing exactly this, sorry you’re still lost in the dark age!)
  • Do you know about these “6 Primal Switches” that greatly influence your customers' behaviour? Turn them on (even if it’s just one) and get ready to be swamped with crazy tons of hyperactive buyers in your niche
  • The ONE secret knowledge that will help you sneak into the exact conversation going on in the minds of your audience… how you can easily tune into that and use it to make sales  ANYTIME!
  • What you MUST do to turn one-time buyers into “repeat buyers” and "brand evangelists" (this simple trick will dramatically increase the "Lifetime-Profit-Value" of your existing customers and clients. The SHOCKING thing is - you are NOT doing this and you are allowing your customers spend more money with your competitors)

FACT: You will NEVER struggle again getting tons and tons of buyers for your products... this is some deep marketing and sales stuff!

In this book, you'll also learn...

  • The “unpardonable” traffic crime you are committing right now that is scaring away your real customers (this single horrendous mistake is already making you LOSE money in your business... every day!)
  • Are you still playing hide-and-seek with this unit economic metrics? If YES… then you DON’T have a business at all. You are just whiling away time!
  • The unique “Product-Leverage-Formula” that will literally eliminate your competition AND easily position your product as the ONLY genuine product in the marketplace ...that will help get your buyers the exact result they have been desperately searching for
  • The terrible “Blind Man Mistake” you should NEVER make when writing any form marketing copy – whether it's for Facebook ad, a pre-sell content, a sales copy or an email sequence (making this mistake would simply mean - NO SALES!)
  • A tale of Two Cars: How to present your offer to make it so irresistible that your customers and clients can't help but spend money with you (this will forcefully push your competition off their friggin’ market perch no matter how desperately low-priced their product is.)
  • The “4-Rung Ladder Technique” that will GUARANTEE you speak the exact language of your dream customers and clients (use this and win their heart and money …FOREVER!)
  • One deadly mistake you MUST avoid (most marketers and business owners are making this already) IF you’re really serious about raking in truckloads of product sales and profit
  • Do you want to increase your ROI by at least 550%? Then do this now… revealed in page 63
  • How to dramatically increase the business lifetime value of any of your customers (this is like using a stone to kill 10 birds at once. Impossible? NO… this works like gangbusters... every single time for very smart business owners and marketers)
  • …and so much more (all in one simple, easy-to-read book)!

With the proven marketing and sales tactics in this book, you'll literally OUTSELL your competitors... they will be scared to their bones, because now you have a rare piece of information that they don't

Lots and lots of business owners jumped in to get a copy of this book (where I revealed my secret, sales-pumping marketing method) immediately I opened it for pre-order...

Just see for yourself...

So for how much can you get a copy of this e-book for?

I charge upwards of N250,000 for marketing and sales consulting. And a one-on-one marketing session with me is N50,000.

So I can charge any thing in that range for the book... giving that what I revealed inside it can easily help you create explosive stream of buyers, generate mad sales and make you truckloads of money, if you apply them.

But I know NOT everybody can afford my consulting or one-on-one session fee...

...so now I want to pay it forward. This is me sending down the "success" ladder, so you can use it to get your business to the height you have always wanted, 

And you know the ONLY way to get there is by generating loads of buyers AND selling crazy loads of your products and services.

For just N3,000 you get your copy right here...

But WAIT! I'm not done yet....

If you get your copy now, you also get these 7 FREE BONUSES:

  • FREE BONUS ONE: 7-Figure Sales Funnel Anatomy (worth 35,000) In this video, you'll learn how to create a highly-converting sales funnel that will generate lots and lots of sales for your products and service
  • FREE BONUS TWO: Copywriting Coaching Live - How To Write Highly-Persuasive, Cash-Pulling Copies...Even If You Are A Complete Newbie (worth 50,000) In this 3-hours long training, I'll reveal to you how  you too can start RIGHT AWAY to write highly-persuasive sales copies that will make even total strangers buy your products 
  • FREE BONUS THREE: Facebook Ad Resurrector - How To Turn Dying Facebook Ad Into An Instant Sales Generator (worth 7,500) Here you'll discover the secret Facebook ad strategy I use to instantly make any of my low-performing ads start pumping in sales again (most Facebook advertisers DON'T know about this little know method)
  • FREE BONUS FOUR: Copy Hack - A Proven Template To Writing A Highly-Compelling Sales Copy On Demand (worth 7,500) Do you want to write your sales copy in record time? Don't worry. I have got you covered. Take this my template and NEVER sweat about writing a winning copy again!
  • FREE BONUS FIVE: Mind Control Secrets (N15,000) Here you'll discover simple persuasion tricks big brands like Coca-cola, Apple, Walmart use in their marketing campaigns to generate overwhelming numbers of customers for their products (a few top marketers know this... BUT won't reveal it to you)
  • FREE BONUS SIX: Profitable Marketing Cheat Sheet (worth N7,500) Go through this before creating another marketing campaign for your product... make sure you tick the boxes and NEVER leave any of them out.
  • FREE BONUS SEVEN: Profit Multiplier System - How To Make More Money And Profit Without Having To Pay A Dime Acquiring New Customers (N25,000) In this video, I'll share with you how I dramatically increase the profit we make off our exisiting customers and clients (this is the best kept secret of EVERY successful business owner)

OPTION B: You can make a direct transfer for your payment

Account No: 3027200943

Bank: First bank

Account name Obinna Okeke

After payment, send you "Proof-of-Payment" FREE bonuses to help@tribecourses.com OR CALL me on 08103601171 so I can confirm your payment and immediately send you the link where you can download the book and ALL the 7 FREE Bonuses.

Apply-And-Get-Result-OR-Get-A-100% Money Back Guarantee

No risk whatsoever! If you try the marketing and sales strategies I revealed in this book and they don't generate tons and tons of buyers, increase sales and EXPONENTIALLY grow your business, then simply send me a mail with the heading "Your Book Sucks" and I'll immediately refund you your money (while you still keep the book and ALL the bonuses).

Fair deal?

I know 100% you'll love the book. And that the strategies, techniques and tactics I shared in it will make you lots of money selling your products.

A wise man once said: If you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book.

Well. I think not every African. The foolish ones? Maybe.

But certainly NOT the smart ones like you who understand that a little investment in a book like this will potentially help you transform your business for good as you apply the proven marketing and sales secrets in it.

So the question here is:

Do you want to remain the way you are (struggling to attract paying customers or clients to your business, struggling to sell big volumes of your product, making lots of profit)?


Do you want to explode your business with more customers and clients than you can handlemake crazy loads of sales ...AND dramatically increase your profit?

IF you answered "YES" to the first question, then I CANNOT help you. You can leave this page now and go continue with the old, ineffective stuff you've been doing in your business that doesn't bring you little or no sales


If you answered "YES" to the second question, then this book is what you need. Go ahead and make that happen now...

P.S: This offer will not be up for long, as the price of the book will finally go back to N5,000 (the full launch price) ...WITHOUT the 7 FREE BONUSES

P.P.S: This is a 74-page,  easy-to-read e-book (which means you can read it anywhere, anytime on your phone, tablet or laptop). Once you make your payment through Paystack, you'll automatically be re-directed to a page where you can download it... BUT if you make your payment by direct bank transfer, simply send me your "Proof-of-Payment" to help@tribecourses.com and I will immediately send you your download link (with the bonuses)

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